About Star Rods

Since the company’s beginning in 1958…

Star Fishing Tackle has given fishermen a high quality, hand-crafted rod at an affordable price. Manufactured in small production runs one at a time, Star Fishing Tackle builds custom-style rods with maximum value.

Star Fishing Tackle chooses the highest quality components – from Fuji®, AFTCO® and Stuart®. Blanks are made to Star's unique and demanding specifications, gained from a lifetime of rod building and fishing experience, using the company’s own custom mandrels.

Whatever the manufacturing need, Star Fishing Tackle uses the best parts available, or helps component manufacturers develop custom parts particularly for Star Rods. Star Fishing Tackle uses the highest quality materials: Grade A cork grips, Fuji® and Stuart® reel seats, Fuji® and AFTCO® guides, EVA grips, high-quality epoxy and thread.

While similarities exist in the design of each rod series, each is engineered with a construction all its own to meet a particular fisherman’s needs for strength, action and durability.

Today, Star Rods are known as the rods that break the IGFA World Records – tough, high quality, durable rods designed for the discriminating fisherman. They’re sold through knowledgeable, experienced dealers who can offer expert advice on local fishing conditions to help you select the perfect rod for your needs.

From making the blanks to fastening a tip top, from setting the reel seat to adding a stylish diamond wrap, Star Rods are still painstakingly built by hand, one at a time, to keep the records coming. For more than 50 years, Star Rods have been proudly handmade, blending high-tech construction and quality craftsmanship.

World Records


Since 1939 The International Game Fish Association has been an ethics and conservation guide to the fishing world. The organization also keeps record and acknowledges exceptional achievements of fisherman worldwide. Star Rods has 248 world records, and counting. Star Rods’ earliest record was a Horse-eye Jack from Key West in August of 1984. Most recently, in September 2016, a Mayan Cichlid in Lake Igvana, Florida. The records listed here are both approved and retired records, as counted by the IGFA.

Shark, tiger
Line - W-08 kg (16 lb)
163.29 kg / 360 lb
Boca Grande, Florida

Shark, hammerhead
Line - W-24 kg (50 lb)
340.19 kg / 750 lb
Boca Grande, Florida

Cobia Line - W-01 kg (2 lb)
16.38 kg / 36 lb, 2 oz
Marathon, Florida

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