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When you’re ready to call “Fish on!”, the rod you want in your hand is a Star Handcrafted Rod. Each starts with a unique custom blank, many featuring Duratech Technology. Duratech blanks are made by combining multi-directional graphite with a special epoxy. The result is a rod with greatly increased sensitivity, lifting power and toughness. It also increases durability when a rod is jammed or over-bent in any direction. The graphite to epoxy ratio is individually selected for each Handcrafted rod to insure the perfect action, weight, strength and maximum durability. From custom assembly to the diamond wrap accent, Star Rods does it all by hand.

Designed for all-around fishing, Handcrafted rods are available for bottom fishing, casting, trolling, spinning, stand-up and drifting tactics. Naturally, they feature top quality Fuji® guides and reel seats. Some models feature the patented Star Rods’ PowerButt®, and virtually all feature Star Rods’ exclusive PowerPatch®, an extra layer of glass and/or graphite built into the rod blank at known stress points for extra strength and rod recovery. Trolling and stand-up models feature AFTCO® and Stuart components.


Deep Drop/Planer/Dredge

These deep drop rods with detachable butts are designed for retrieving large deep-dwelling species of fish. They can also be used as a planer rod or dredge rod.

Handcrafted Deep Drop

Bluefin Tuna

The perfect rod for bluefin tuna fishing. Built with Winthrop guides and tip.


The perfect rod for daytime deep drop swordfishing. Built with Fuji guides and a Winthrop roller top. Removable Stuart curved butt.


The rod has a heavy duty top with a grooved flanged ring to maintain permanent frame to ring bond. This is the best all-around rod for the heavy duty demands of kite fishing where swivels are constantly going through the guide.

Handcrafted Kite